When it comes to keeping your home safe and secure, proper outdoor lighting is essential. At Poppy’s Family Electric, we specialize in security lighting installation to provide you with peace of mind and added safety to your property.
A well-designed security lighting system can deter potential intruders, improve visibility, and enhance the overall safety of your home. Our expert electricians will work with you to assess your property’s specific needs and recommend the most effective security lighting solutions.

We offer a wide range of options, including motion sensor lights, floodlights, and pathway lighting, all designed to meet your specific requirements. Our team will carefully plan the placement and configuration of your security lights to ensure maximum coverage and effectiveness.

During the installation process, our skilled electricians will handle all wiring and connections with precision and care. We prioritize safety and follow industry best practices to ensure that your security lighting system is installed correctly, with proper grounding and weatherproofing for long-lasting durability.

At Poppy’s, we understand the importance of customization, and we’ll take the time to understand your specific security concerns. Whether you want to illuminate dark areas around your property, enhance visibility at entry points, or create a well-lit pathway, we’ll tailor the installation to meet your needs.

We only work with high-quality lighting products from trusted brands, ensuring that your security lighting system operates efficiently and effectively. The combination of our expertise and top-notch materials guarantees the best solution for your security needs.

Don’t compromise the safety and security of your home. Contact Poppy’s Family Electric today for professional security lighting installation. Let us help you create a well-lit and secure environment, providing you with peace of mind and protection for you and your family.